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At Geert Declerck Studios we create audiovisual solutions to tell your story to the world through your website, social media and other online and offline channels.

This includes video and audio content fitted to your needs. We plan, create, produce and deliver!

ACT I: The Opening Scene
Come have a drink at our Studio to get to know eachother!
ACT II: The Meeting
Hi, I'm Geert, owner of the studio. Give me your thoughts on how you would like to shape your brand even further.
ACT IV: The Production
The phase of planning, shooting and post-production where we translate all our ideas on film, in sound, music, etc...



Video Production & Video Marketing

Our video services include company and product presentations, trailers, teasers, promotional videos, instructional videos, showreels, after movies, party movies, fairs, conventions, music video clips, short(films), documentaries and much, much more.

Audio Production

Our audio services include radio commercials, voice-over, audio tours, audiobooks, product presentations, sound design, voice-acting, interviews, EFP and much more.

Original Music

Client tailored music and underscore composition for trailers, (short)films, audio branding, documentaries, games, choreographies, mobile apps, podcasts, commercials, sports events and much, much more.





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