Geert Declerck Studios

Geert Declerck Studios creates audiovisual content for websites, social media, digital billboards, and loads of other channels

We promote an efficient, realistic and affordable workflow with a transparant and open mindset to have your brand shine on any screen.

Be involved closely to the creative process and beautiful things will arise!


We plan, create, produce and deliver! Simple as that...

Audio services


Production and sound design for:

  • sonic branding
  • radio commercials
  • voice-over
  • audio tours
  • audiobooks
  • product presentations
  • interviews
  • explainer video
  • much, much more...

Originally composed music for:

  • commercials
  • trailers
  • films
  • documentaries
  • games
  • mobile apps
  • choreographies
  • much, much more...
Video services


Pre-production, shooting and post-production of:

  • corporate videos
  • promotional videos
  • product presentations
  • social media content
  • trailers
  • teasers
  • digital billboard content
  • instructional videos
  • showreels
  • after movies
  • music videos
  • docu
  • animation
  • much, much more...

Want to collaborate? Give us a call!


At Geert Declerck Studios, we work with a core team of talented freelancers each specialised in their field with backgrounds in photography, graphic design, film production, music composition and more, to cover overall in-house needs to deliver clean, honest and detailed productions to our clients.

Nevertheless, Geert Declerck Studios is always interested in hiring fresh, passionate, like-minded and motivated candidate freelancers for short and long term collaborations. We embrace the concept of co-working project teams where creative synergy is contributing as an added value to a clients’ demands.

Therefore, feel absolutely free to send your CV to [email protected] and add CV in the subject line or subscribe to our mailing list above for job opportunities. When looking for a candidate with a specific skill set or know-how, this is the place we turn to first, whether you are a makeup artist, prop-maker, 3D artist, grip, director, assistant, designer, VFX supervisor or anything else related to the audiovisual industry.


In 2016, Geert Declerck decided to found Geert Declerck Studios just outside of Antwerp, Belgium, with the focus mainly on film scoring. He got the opportunity to score several short films and choreographies along the way. This sparkled the idea of expanding Geert Declerck Studios to a full audiovisual production company in 2018. Surrounding him with other like-minded creatives in the field, this soon became a reality!